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Bali Kintamani (Natural) **SOLD OUT**

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Kintamani is the mountain area at northern of Bali island with beautiful scenery of Lake Kintamani and Batur Volcano. The coffee plantation is well known since Dutch time where coffee was planted around central lakes area in Bali. During 1990s era, the land had been switched into other crops as the coffee price was come crashing down. Then it was rejuvenated to bring back the good quality of Balinese coffee with environmentally sustainable farming.

Arabica coffee is grown in highland about 1000m above sea level. Bali coffee has less earthiness flavour compared to other Indonesia coffee. The spicy aroma mixed with sweet fruit tones and roasted nut flavor can be tasted from the coffee. The acidity stands out but not overpower its sweetness. As it has a balance character, Bali Kintamani is one of the good coffee that its own subtleties could reveal itself with the perseverance of the drinker.

Origin Bali, Indonesia
Region Kintamani
Altitude 1000-1500 masl
Process Natural
Variety Mixed
Profile Citrus, Orange, Fruity, Smooth and Round Body
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