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Kamala Manggarai (Anaerobic Natural) **SOLD OUT**

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Kamala means lotus as well as pale red in Sanskrit. This taste profile is our take on what Indonesian coffees could be under innovative and experimental post-harvest processing techniques. Kamala offers different arrays of fruity, cacao nibs and out of this world flavours!⁣ Source: SSG Coffee Company.

This coffee is produced by SSG's partners at Tuang Coffee, in Ruteng, Flores. The ripe coffee cherries are picked and floated for sorting, then the cherries are immediately put inside polypropylene bags to start anaerobic fermentation in a controlled environment. After the desired fermentation is reached, the cherries are taken out to be dried naturally on raised beds and are rested in their skin to preserve the flavor. Tuang partners up with local farmers in Manggarai Region, Flores Island, Indonesia. They provide processing infrastructure for the farmers so they do not have to worry about their cost in processing their coffee. The farmers have mind-set that coffee is a simple commodity product that tastes bitter, but SSG and Tuang somehow want to change that into a perspective where coffee is a complex product that does not always taste bitter, because it is a fruit. Therefore, SSG works with Tuang to create something different and to unleash diamonds inside a simple product we get used to knowing it as coffee.

The coffee trees are grown organically in the east side of Manggarai Region. Manggarai is considered as the most fertile area in Flores Island. Flores Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia. The coffee trees are mostly surrounded by taro, yum and banana trees.

Origin Flores, Indonesia
Region Mbohang, Manggarai
Altitude 1500 masl
Process Anaerobic Natural
Variety Kartika (Localized Catuai)
Profile Strawberry, Lychee, Red Grapes, Dried Fruits
Recommended to brew the coffee after resting for 10 days from roasting date.

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