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Building strong relationships with coffee farmers is crucial for ensuring sustainability and quality in the coffee industry. NR crews are taking the time to visit coffee farms and connect with the farmers and understand their needs and challenges. We always cherish the direct engagement that can lead to meaningful partnerships and most importantly creating a positive impact by contributing to the well-being of the farmers and their communities.
We will be back in operation on 17th June. Thank you for your support!

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Loa Old Typica (Extended Natural) (SOLD OUT)

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This special coffee is harvested from very old coffee trees that have been inherited from generations to generations and have been grown organically in Loa Village since probably a hundred year ago. Because the environment is very well taken care by locals, these very old trees still produce coffee cherries until today. The fact is that the Typica varietal is well known for its very low yield and very good cup quality, it makes this coffee rare and exotic. Don't miss out and please enjoy!

Origin Loa, Paseh
Region West Java, Indonesia
Altitude 1600 masl
Process Extended Natural
Variety Typica (Old Trees)
Profile Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Winey
Recommended to brew the coffee after resting for 10 days from roasting date.

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