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Preanger Ciwidey, Java (Natural) **SOLD OUT**

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The legend says that Mokha Java was the world’s first original coffee blend back in the early 1700s and it was popularly consumed in Europe during that time. Coffee from Java was exported out from Java island to Europe by the Dutch East India Company in 1711. Typica was the first coffee variety which was cultivated as commodity from Priangan, South Bandung region, West Java.

The arabica Preanger Ciwidey from Priangan region would offer you a distinct earthy notes, medium body with sweetness of ripe tropical fruits and light acidity that would linger on your palate.

Origin West Java, Indonesia
Region Ciwidey
Altitude 1200 - 1550 masl
Process Natural
Variety Mixed
Profile Citrus, Mango, Fruity, Medium Acidity, Sweetness and Body

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